• January 19, 2017

Is your IT a pain? It doesn’t have to be.

Is your IT a pain? It doesn’t have to be.

Is your IT a pain? It doesn’t have to be. 1080 720 Trapp Technology

I got 99 Problems and my IT is the biggest ONE!

Identifying simple problems in IT often leads to the most complex solutions. Working with IT can be frustrating, time-consuming and painful, but often times we forget that IT is the engine and backbone of most businesses. It is commonly the differentiator between average and great companies. Our main goal at Trapp Technology is to help you discover the problems within your IT and solve them painlessly.

Today, you have a problem, and Trapp Technology can help offer a solution to your IT frustrations: Our proprietary IT Roadmap!

What is an IT Roadmap?

In simple terms, our team of experts evaluate your business and get to the root of your real IT problems, offer actionable recommendations to tackle the issue and turn your IT from a problem to a profit generator.

We have developed a complete and comprehensive IT Roadmap Framework that ensures every aspect of your business gets evaluated properly and thoroughly. Below, you will read more about the framework that drives the Assessment and helps identify your true IT challenges:

  • Strategic Alignment – Is IT helping me achieve my business goals and objectives?
  • IT Governance Best Practices – Do I have the process maturity in IT appropriate for my company size and industry?
  • Value of IT (Financials & Benchmarks) – Am I spending too much, too little in IT? Am I getting an appropriate return or value based on that spend?
  • Applications and Development – Are my applications and development efforts appropriately supporting my business processes? Or are they complicating things?
  • Data and Information – Do I have quality data and is it enabling decision making throughout my organization that is driving our business forward?
  • Security and Compliance – Am I protected? Am I compliant? Do I have the necessary tools, processes and resources in the event of a breach?
  • IT Organization and Operations – Do I have the right skills, resources and structure to enable a high-performance IT?
  • Technical Architecture – Are the hardware components of my IT (network, infrastructure, data center) meeting the needs and demands of my business?
  • Project & Portfolio Management – Are my projects being delivered on-time and on budget with the promised business benefits achieved?

The Process and Deliverables

Typical time to deliver is 4-6 weeks and for larger companies in the range of 6-8-10 weeks. We’ll provide a detailed final report and executive summary (think the Cliff Notes version of report) outlining our findings, recommendations, and bottom-line business impacts.

The Team Delivering the Roadmap

Our team of experts average over 20 years’ experience with some of the world’s largest brands; we’re lucky to have them on our team and our past clients will tell you the same. Our competitors will give you half the experience and value for twice the price. Trust the experts at Trapp Technology.

Fill out the form here or call us at 877-942-2568 and let’s get you connected with our team ASAP for an introductory meeting. Don’t wait another day to get your business where it needs to be to succeed.

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