• March 26, 2018

Why an MSP Makes Sense For SMB IT Needs

Why an MSP Makes Sense For SMB IT Needs

Why an MSP Makes Sense For SMB IT Needs 1080 473 Trapp Technology

IT Specialization. Costs. Money. These are typically becoming the biggest epidemic in SMB Information Technology departments.

It’s no secret that small businesses don’t have access to unlimited resources. At most, they can afford one, maybe two IT resources on staff. So what kind of strategy should they leverage to make do? Hire one Jack of all trades?

The risk with that strategy is: Jacks of all trades are usually masters of none. It’s highly unlikely that they can align with a company’s business strategy and deliver the level of execution and support needed to keep the company on the bleeding edge and competitive in their market.

That’s why more and more small businesses are looking to Trapp Technology for managed services to a) supplement their internal IT staff or b) get a one-stop shop for all their IT needs.

Trapp Technology provides these managed services that can help any small- to medium-sized business:

  • Keep the lights on in IT 24/7
  • Innovate through the usage of modern technology
  • Provide access to IT specialization as our deep bench of experts can assess and resolve many typical issues IT departments face
  • Fixed cost, per month – typically in the range of hiring 1-2 FTEs

Trapp works with other small and medium-sized business across the US such as Integrated Science Solutions, Global Organics, and the C. Myers Corporation to keep their networks secure, accessible, and running at peak performances 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We’ve made our packages simple and easy to understand. Please explore the packages here to see our full product catalog.

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We’d love to put together a quote for your company and learn more about its current struggles or needs. Feel free to give us a call at (877) 942-2568, email sales@trapptechnology.com, or schedule an appointment at the bottom of the page here to get in touch with an IT specialist.