• May 15, 2015

Building Wireless Infrastructure With Ruckus Solutions

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Building Wireless Infrastructure With Ruckus Solutions

Building Wireless Infrastructure With Ruckus Solutions 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Reliable Wireless Infrastructure With Ruckus

Your building needs to be equipped with the tools your staff needs to be productive. With a powerful WAP (Wireless Access Point), your building will keep your staff connected to the Internet from anywhere in the building. Ruckus hardware provides the Wi-Fi solution that works for you. You can contact Trapp Technology to get started on this solution.


Ruckus hardware provides a strong, reliable WAP that can stretch through your entire building. There are many reasons to have a secure Wi-Fi connection. You can avoid wireless deadspots, improve collaboration, and promote a BYOD environment. These improvements will save you time and money and make your work more productive.

Ruckus can be used to avoid wireless deadspots while keeping out unwanted users. There are many ways you can lose connection from the Internet. Wireless signals can be disrupted by metal wiring, metal cabinets, wireless phones, and baby monitors. It is easy to lose connection so you need a reliable connection like the connection Ruckus can provide.

Getting a secure connection with Ruckus is important because you can avoid security threats of outside users. People who gain access to all your files can spread viruses through your system. They can monitor the websites you visit and collect your login names, passwords, and even read your emails. You’ll experience slower speeds because people are using up your bandwidth. They can even spam or perform illegal activities on your connection.

These detrimental consequences can be avoided with Ruckus. You get a connection that keeps intruders out and lets you work like you normally would. Except Ruckus allows you to work better than you could before. You will be able to connect phones to your phones with wireless headsets. This will allow staff to receive phone calls while heading to the printer to get important paperwork.

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You can promote a BYOB (Bring Your Own Device) environment in your office with Ruckus. Employees can bring their laptops to do work and know they can connect to the company’s network. This saves costs on hardware and strengthens the reliability of hardware your staff brings in. This will also make the transition from working home to working in the office a seamless part of the day.

If you want to learn more about getting Ruckus wireless solutions in your building, Trapp Technology has knowledgeable experts ready to answer your questions. We understand the importance of having a productive workspace and losing connection to the Internet can hinder that. Ruckus is a solution designed to keep your building connected to online resources.

Learn more about wireless infrastructure with Ruckus here!