ArmorPoint Product Details

ArmorPoint’s intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, SIEM correlation, and log management capabilities.

ArmorPoint Level of Security

24x7x365 Live Network Monitoring24x7x365 live monitoring tool that logs various points across the customers' network, depending on their desired level of security.
Cloud and On-Premise Resource MonitoringSupports monitoring for AWS, Azure, etc. as well as physical devices within the network.
NOC and SOC AnalyticsThe analytics traditionally monitored in separate silos — SOC and NOC — brought together through one pane of glass for a more holistic view of the security and availability of the business.
Performance MonitoringEstablish metrics and detect significant deviations. Gives the ability to monitor performance at the system, application, virtualization, and database level. Available
Availability MonitoringAbility to monitor various systems' up/down/availability. Available
Distributed Real-Time Event CorrelationComplex event patterns can be detected in real time, allowing ArmorPoint to handle a large number of rules at high event rates for accelerated detection timeframes.
Real-Time Automated Network Topology DiscoveryIntelligent infrastructure and application discovery engine that is able to discover and map the topology of both physical and virtual infrastructure as well as on-premises and in public/private clouds, simply using credentials without any prior knowledge of what the devices or applications are.
Real-Time Application Discovery Engine (CMDB)An up-to-date CMDB (Centralized Management Database) enables sophisticated context-aware event analytics using CMDB Objects in search conditions.
Real-Time Configuration Change MonitoringAutomated detection of changes in network configuration, installed software, file/folders, and windows registries. Available
Dynamic User Identity MappingUsers and their roles are discovered from on-premises or Cloud SSO repositories. Network identity is identified from important network events. Then geo-identity is added to form a dynamic user identity audit trail. This makes it possible to create policies or perform investigations based on user identity instead of IP addresses — allowing for rapid problem resolution.
Custom Log Parsing FrameworkXML-based event parsing language that is functional like high level programming languages and easy to modify yet can be compiled during run-time to be highly efficient, parsing beyond 10K EPS per node.
Default Dashboards
Rich Customizable DashboardsConfigurable real-time dashboards, with “Slide-Show” scrolling for showcasing KPIs. Ability to layer dashboards for business services, virtualized infrastructure, and specialized apps. Enables association of individual components with the end-user experience that they deliver together providing a powerful view into the true availability of the business.Available
User and Entity Behavior AnalysisPredefined correlation rules as well as more advanced machine learning help identify insider and incoming threats that pass traditional defenses. High fidelity alerts raise the profile of high priority actions identified within the organization.
External Threat Intelligence IntegrationsThreat intelligence analysts track and share trends in global cybercriminal operations to discover and study emerging threats, then automatically implement protections against those threats.
Out-of-the-Box Compliance ReportsAccess to pre-defined reports supporting a wide range of compliance auditing and management needs including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, FISMA, ISO, GLBA, GPG13, SANS Critical ControlsAvailable
Powerful and Scalable AnalyticsRobust search capabilities to schedule reports and deliver relevant results via email to key stakeholders
Baselining and Statistical Anomaly DetectionBaseline endpoint/server/user behavior — hour of day and weekday/weekend granularity, with any set of keys and metrics able to be "baselined." Built-in and customizable triggers on statistical anomalies.
External Technology IntegrationsExtensive API-based integrations to streamline multiple tools or platformsAvailable
Simple and Flexible AdministrationWeb-based GUI with role-based controls to deliver powerful platform management.
Scale Out ArchitectureArmorPoint flexible/scalable infrastructure scales with your growing company.
Two-Factor AuthenticationAvailable
Advanced Agent MonitoringHigh-performance and expanded data collection. Agentless technology combined with high performance agents for Windows and Linux to significantly bolster its data collectionAvailable

Choose the level of service that fits your company’s needs for managed incident response. Items in red indicate managed services that would occur in the event of an active incident.

ArmorPoint Level of Service

Basic ReportingAccess to robust search capabilities to schedule reports and deliver relevant results via email to key stakeholders
Customized ReportingArmorPoint Security Analysts interface with key stakeholders to determine most relevant reports to deliver on a scheduled basis.
Human Analysis of EventsGIAC-certified Security Operations Center analysts provide 24x7x365 security monitoring, carefully vetting alert notifications
Incident Notification Within 15 MinutesOnce identified as a valid threat, ArmorPoint Security Analysts issue a notification within 15 minute SLA
Remediation PlanningExpert recommendations to isolate, remediate, and restore environment from an incident
Active Threat ContainmentIdentify and block active threats at the network edge
> Automated Incident ManagementWhen an incident is triggered, an automated script runs to mitigate or eliminate the threat.
> Block Malicious IP TrafficPrevent the flow of traffic from the IP address of known threats
> Block Malware DomainProactive defense against malware domains named on industry-leading blocklists
> Block Compromised Device Network ActivityIdentify and block network activity by quarantining and isolating the compromised device.
> Incident HistoryView ticket history of threats detected, analyzed, and mitigated by ArmorPoint Security Analysts
> Remote Incident Response ServicesAvailable hours to utilize ArmorPoint Security Analysts resources for incident response.10 hours
per month
20 hours
per month
Active Threat MitigationIdentify, block, and remediate active threats within the network down to the endpoint.
> Software Updates and PatchingApply software updates as necessary to approved Microsoft and Linux products and services. Third party software patches applied on a case-by-case basis.
> Virus and Malware Detection and RemovalRemove malicious software when detected.
> Firewall ManagementOptimize firewall for highest level of protection possible through rule-based parameters gathered from current threat intelligence data
> Threat Isolation at the EndpointIdentify, isolate, and remediate active threats down to the endpoint, preventing the further spread of a virus or malicious process.
> User Account Lockdown Disable or de-authenticate compromised user accounts to prevent the spread of active threats
> Network Access Control IntegrationIntegration of policies for controlling devices and user access to the network.
> Disable Switch PortsSecure switch ports to prevent compromise and prevent malicious actors from entering your network
> Environment HardeningProvide recommendations for industry best practices to network to improve overall security posture
> Root Cause AnalysisProvide an in-depth report detailing the root cause analysis of an incident.