• April 24, 2018

Are Azure and AWS Secure?

Are Azure and AWS Secure?

Are Azure and AWS Secure?

Are Azure and AWS Secure? 1080 540 Trapp Technology

Azure and AWS are all the rage right now in the mass migration to the cloud for businesses. Most companies don’t realize that those platforms are simply the equivalent of buying a piece of virtual real estate. For example, they buy their piece of land (server, storage, database) and it allows them to then build their house (applications) on it.

Unfortunately, many of these companies make the mistake of thinking: ‘because we invested in moving to the cloud with Microsoft or Amazon, our worries about security will be solved.’

Microsoft certainly does a great job of securing their Azure platform, but companies leveraging the solution are still responsible for ensuring the systems and applications are checked themselves. If those companies don’t have the skills, resources, or even foresight to actively monitor the solution and enforce security protocols and best practices, they may find themselves wide open to security vulnerabilities that could end up doing serious harm to the company.

Now that we’ve got you thinking… this is where Trapp Technology can help. We assist companies in getting the necessary tools and consulting in place to ensure their cloud environments are secure beyond what Microsoft and Amazon are able to provide.

Beginning with a cybersecurity assessment, penetration test, and vulnerability scan, Trapp will identify where your company is strongest and most vulnerable in regards to cybersecurity. You’ll either receive 3rd party reports verifying that you are either secured effectively or an IT roadmap that gives you direct strategies on how to close and lock those back doors that Microsoft or Amazon are not identifying for you today.

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