• November 19, 2014

5 Misconceptions About the Cloud Discussed

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5 Misconceptions About the Cloud Discussed

5 Misconceptions About the Cloud Discussed 1080 454 Trapp Technology

5 Myths About the Cloud Debunked

Cloud computing continues to grow as a powerful tool for the workspace. Many businesses are experimenting with its applications and how it fits into their operation. Though it is becoming more integrated with our lives, it is still a mysterious force to many.

There are many misconceptions that come with cloud computing. It is important to ask questions and make sure it is the right option for your company.

From small companies to large companies, each has a question regarding the cloud and how it fits into their business.

Here are 5 misconceptions about the cloud and why they are not true.

#1: It Is Expensive
Software as a Service is actually a really popular method to utilize different software over a web browser. There is a huge amount of software at your disposal. Before, software required the purchase of different licenses for each user and the costs of each service added up. The cloud can host all the software your company requires at one low price. It is also easily scalable and can expand to fit your company’s growth. Hosting your data lowers IT costs and provides great resources for your company.

#2: It Is Only For Big Business
Cloud is actually an incredible fit for small business. Because of its affordability and accessibility, it is often adopted by small businesses that do not have the means to fund their own IT infrastructure. Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for small and growing companies because it gives them the resources they require. These services can be used by any size business looking for IT solutions.

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#3: It Is Not Secure
There is always a fear about moving data to the cloud because of security. However, cloud hosting is dedicated to providing reliable servers. They are monitored and maintained regularly to optimize the security of your sensitive data. Servers require the input of a lot of resources. These resources include, equipment, staff, security, and land. Each of these contributes to the different methods to keeping data safe from any threat.

#4: It Is Not For Mission Critical Apps
When cloud services are first adopted, companies tend to start with simple services such as email. The cloud has a lot more to offer. From accounting software to property management, there is a wide selection of software to fit exactly what your company needs. The cloud also lets you access all your data from any location or device promoting productivity. They also provide safe storage for your data with backups to keep from data loss.

#5: You Need a Tech Guru to Understand
Chances are, you have used the cloud in some form without realizing it. These are everyday applications that you operate easily work exactly the same if hosted over a cloud. You are not required to learn any crazy technical mumbo jumbo to operate. You just access your data over a web browser and then get to work.

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