• February 07, 2017

5 Reasons to Have an Outside Vendor Provide an IT Roadmap

5 Reasons to Have an Outside Vendor Provide an IT Roadmap

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5 Reasons to Have an Outside Vendor Provide an IT Roadmap

Many organizations find incremental value in having an outside vendor come into their organization to provide an IT Assessment. While it has the ability to be a painful internal exercise, it also can give you a real-life reality check on the state of affairs with IT and their ability to help the organization achieve its goals.

Trapp Technology’s bread and butter service is IT Roadmaps. It is built from our proprietary nine box framework which starts with an Assessment of the business, its strategy and the current state of IT and transforms into a long-term strategy and set of recommendations to help organizations unleash the value of IT for their business.

There are many reasons to undertake this exercise with an outside vendor, and in this post, I am going to highlight some of Trapp Technology’s differentiators and abilities.

1. Bias

With Trapp Technology there is none. And that is a good thing for all of our clients. We don’t hold strategic partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft or any of the big names out there, so we won’t push you in a specific technology direction.

We’ll look at all the options available and provide you with the recommendation that makes the most sense for your business. Secondary to our internal bias, through 1-on-1 interviews with your staff we’ll be able to cut through any internal biases regarding your internal IT.

A full-scale internal IT service satisfaction survey will be deployed across the business allowing you to get the “truth” about the current value IT provides.

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2. Expertise

Our team of experts all holds 20+ years of high-level IT executive experience. They’ve held high ranking IT positions at some of the most recognizable names in the business. They’ve built IT roadmaps and have gone through internal assessments for these organizations.

They understand the internal politics, how to navigate and get to the bottom of the toughest questions and how to maximize the value IT can bring to a business regardless of their industry or uniqueness.

3. Risk Identification

Many vendors provide security and compliance readiness assessments separate from a full IT assessment, we roll that in and include it at no extra cost. It is a part of every Assessment and Roadmap we undertake.

Security is becoming such a hot button topic for any organization and with good reason. Protecting your internal intellectual property as well as your client’s information has to be a top priority.

We leverage internal and external penetration tests as well as our proprietary security scanning software to identify the risks and vulnerabilities in your network and infrastructure.

And compliance? We got that covered too; we’ll let you know your gaps and provide a remediation strategy.

4. Financials

What’s my total cost of ownership? What are my shadow IT expenditures and what is my lost opportunity cost because technology is not delivering capabilities for the business? Where do I stand against my competition for spend benchmark as well as the value of IT? Lastly, where are there opportunities for cost savings and where can I re-direct spend to IT to earn greater ROI?

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These are just a few of the questions we answer for all clients in our all-encompassing IT Financials and Benchmarks review.

5. Strategic Business Alignment

Saved the best for last. Any IT strategy needs to align itself with what the business needs to (a.) fundamentally survive and (b.) enable growth of the business.

We sit extensively with the executive team to understand their strategy and vision, then our team of experts establishes a strategy and Roadmap for IT that will help to extend the goals and execute the overall strategy of the organization.

Whether you decide an internal assessment is enough, or you want a 3rd set of eyes to really focus on identifying gaps and risks in your organization and IT, this time of the year always brings that introspection to how can you operate more efficiently and take advantage of business opportunities to help the business sustain and grow in the future.

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