• December 16, 2016

IT Resources: Insource or Outsource?

IT Resources: Insource or Outsource?

IT Resources: Insource or Outsource? 1080 720 Trapp Technology

IT Resources: Insource or Outsource?

Many small to medium-sized businesses are at a crossroads with their IT, which then prompts a few questions:

How do I manage my IT to perform the role of both technical support (making sure internal technology needs in the Hardware, Software, and Security spaces are met) but also to function as a source of innovation to help the business grow?

How can IT practice both roles and still be profitable for the business?

When it comes to the day-to-day issues companies face in “keeping the lights on,” an internal help-desk person or team can be a cost-effective choice depending upon the size of the organization. Be it printer or phone issues, lost passwords, or onboarding new employees with Hardware, Software, and Security details, this in-house IT person can be a significant relief.

Digging deeper into the more specialized roles of IT – whether it be for project management and implementation, working with executives to brainstorm the next technology innovation that could bring in added market share, Application development or developing a comprehensive Security plan – it can make sense to engage specialists in these areas.

Insource or Outsource?

A strategic roadmap should be developed to determine how much of IT should remain in-house if any, and how much should be outsourced to a managed services provider or IT field specialists.

A full-scale IT Assessment that produces a detailed Roadmap with actionable recommendations specific to a unique company’s vision is a good starting place for any business wanting to move their IT strategy from a reactive to a proactive position.

The Assessment will provide a detailed current state view of how IT operates and how it is fulfilling or hindering the needs of the business. It will identify gaps in the Hardware, Software and Risk spaces that may not be obvious without some detailed analysis.  

Maximum performance at maximum value

From the details of the Assessment, a Roadmap will emerge to provide remediation strategies to bridge gaps that are currently preventing IT from performing at maximum value.

Whatever your industry, Trapp Technology can offer solutions to make your IT start working in your business vs. for your business.

We take a holistic, top-down approach and survey not only the IT and IT strategy, but align those two pieces to the needs of the business, not just on the strategy side, but also to your best financial options. Our unbiased recommendation and roadmap forward will maximize the impact IT can have on your organization while minimizing financial risk.

Contact us now for a complimentary introduction on how we can help you with your particular set of IT challenges. We look forward to working with you!

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